November 10, 2016

November Gratitude Photo Challenge :: day six thru ten

Its interesting to see how fast a life can change... or when {Providence} brings your life full circle. In healing patterns and growth ~ I mean. We have been in Kentucky for only three days and a lot has happened. And nothing has happened... as if nothing ever really happens.

day six: a need

praise music and the WORD

day seven: a surprise

That there is my dad, my biological father, he and my mom divorced when I was young. I can count on one hand the number times I have seen him since that divorce. {Minus two} Until last year... in less than a year he has had two heart surgeries, and we are talking... he made my family hamburgers before we left. It sure is interesting how {Providence} brings healing patterns.

day eight: something big

I really dislike big city driving, but if I am required to drive it... I prefer driving them in the evening. This here is Louisville... in a blur. And we are almost there...

day nine: something small

can you seen the web between the saw teeth?

day ten: an ability

Capturing my current knitting project, because sadly I have not touched it in a quite a few weeks. So this may encourage me to pick it up again... even if its only for a few rows. Wash clothes for the camper... or maybe our next 'living' space. {?}

~ Blessings!

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