November 16, 2016

November Gratitude Photo Challenge :: day eleven thru fifteen

I have one photo collage to share, gratitude in snap shots... captured. This creation covers the next five days of topics... and because I am in the middle of living this challenge, I made it easy on myself.

day eleven: something natural ~ upper corner, my husband and I went on a much needed walk together and he pointed out this lovely fungus to me. I am still trying to identify it...

day twelve/thirteen: unanswered prayer/answered prayer ~ side, map... this shot was taken when we were in route to look a suitable place to live, which as of this posting - remains an unanswered prayer. It's also the shot I will use for my answered prayer. Because it means my husband was offered the position... something we have been waiting for... for two years.

day fourteen/fifteen: a blessing/a written word ~ simply stated, my family is a huge blessing and I enjoy letting them know... grateful to be a wife, and a mother... sharing little notes.

~ Blessings!

P.S. The reason I decided to make it easy on myself is because we are in the middle of helping a family with their bulk food store, getting established in a new state and dealing with what I suspect is a case of atypical "walking" pneumonia. I hope to share somethings that I have learned and tried after we get a little more settled.

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