November 20, 2016

November Gratitude Photo Challenge :: Day sixteen thru twenty one

Thanksgiving is almost here. I can hardly believe how fast the seasons are passing by... how eager my heart is to get into a place that is not leveled by jacks & tires. How strong this desire is to make a home, and keep it. Yes, I am almost willing to say 'tiny houses are over rated' and so is living in a camper full time, but I won't stay there... gratitude is my focus right now.

Instead I will share the next challenge photos in my list:

day sixteen: an observation - snapping shots for the photo challenge, including the reflection of the side mirror.

day seventeen: a difficulty - Henry and the Great Society - finding the balance is often difficult, however I am grateful for the little reminders of why we have made the choices we have made... and the reasons we are planning the things we are planning. This book made tears arise...

day eighteen: something old - my purse. A resale find and worn to nubs. I am on the look out for a replacement, so grateful the bottom does not have holes.

day nineteen: a food - okay okay, personally - chocolate is not a 'food' and honestly neither is coffee. But it is a yummy treat for an afternoon Sabbath drive in the country.

day twenty: a time of day - a slight cheat, I took two shots at the same time... afternoon Sabbath drive in the country.

day twenty one: a physical feature - {grrr} I dislike taking photos of myself... so this one was hard. But it's my jaw/cheek... real life candid shot in the dark hall, while cooking lentil tacos.

~ Blessings!

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