December 8, 2016

November Gratitude Photo Callenge:: day thirty - the middle place

Finally getting around to posting the last part of my November Gratitude Photo Challenge, from Middle Places. It's been a long month...

Before I share my photo, let me share with you a small portion of my middle place... just over two years ago my life took on some major changes, some I have shared... some I will not. One of those changes happened when my husband decided to serve in Israel for three weeks... which meant a resignation of job, relocation of family and many many emotional trials. But it also meant growth.

Then my middle place road led us to nine months of no work for him, and two years of camper living in three states... to have it end, here... with a complete restoration of his job, a new home that does not have wheels, and my family together under one roof... with the fear of the LORD before our eyes.

We are beginning again.

Life learned.

Living forward and embracing this new season with intent and thankfulness. And through it all, my Redeemer has never left me {us} nor forsaken me {us}... middle place or narrow road.

We move in on my husbands birthday, and oh is this going to be joyful! One year, to save for our own house... it truly feels like we are beginning again.

~ Blessings!

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