January 26, 2017

Botanical Illustration & Creating a Materia Medica

Between the joys of making a new home, and creating my personal and family goals for the upcoming year - I have been refining my herbal interests. Yes, some where amid reading Homegrown Healing by Christine Dalziel and Botanical Portraits by Ann Swan desire and inspiration struck. Then when I signed up for the Herbal Academy's free Herbal Materia Medica course, that inspiration took hold of my dusty nature journal turned personal 'materia medica' and set my pencils to action.

Paired with a lettering reference from the local library and I have all the tools I need to begin...

My art class instruction from high school is a bit rusty, but the joys of sitting with the botanical subject and creating a personalized medica and gardening journal has been so healing. This creative is also helping my educational recall and giving me steam to continue to save for my next course.

~ Blessings!

January 8, 2017

Family Word 2017 :: and reflective

First a bit of reflective, oh the places He has met with us this past year, on the mountain tops and in the valleys. He has been there through it all. Many times I have prayed to seek His face and not just His hand in my life, and in my remembrance I believe this past year I have been blessed to have seen both.

There has already been sharing's here about the year my husband went to Israel, that was twenty fourteen. Sharing's here and there, little bits of life, of joy and of pain... or forgiveness, the human consequence of sin, of redemption and of healing. In twenty fifteen, my husband lost his job and we went six months with no work... to have in twenty sixteen a lesson learned, a season lived semi displaced and three total moves. Ending it with complete restoration of his position prior to going to Israel and a home for our family. Now filled with a hunger to live {LIFE} with joy and intent.

Yes, Steadfast, was our word in twenty fourteen, and with all of our words it obviously was chosen prior to the year unfolding. Faith – Emunah was our mark for twenty fifteen, followed by Tikvah – Hope in twenty sixteen. There in each of them, our Creator came to meet us... but why am I sharing all this. Because words matter. Quite possibly setting the tone for the year?

Think about it, Abba created all this with Words... and how many times in Scripture do we read about the importance of what we say? We can bless or curse. Speak life or death. Honor or dishonor. The list is long, and the impacts are both physical and spiritual. I was once told that 'what you say comes back to you, and what you write down will come to pass'. I am not sure if I would fully agree with the statement in ever aspect of life, but I have seen the principle bare weight... more times than not.

Now arriving here in twenty seventeen, in a warm place to call home. Finding myself still saying “we made it, by His grace we made it here.” But where is here exactly... what will all of past our lessons be for, have we learned what we were suppose to learn? Still - I will trust and walk on into this new year, with a new word and a renewed focus on living. May this year be dedicated, disciplined, narrow pathed and may we be trained by the Word of YHVH/Yeshua.

Chanak – 2017 Word of the Year

~ Blessings!

Update: Since this post, it has been perfectly given to me that this is not our family word. But that our word is Rest.  The Hebrew Word: Nuach - more to come...