February 19, 2017

52 Lists :: the Words that Touch your Soul

In service to my blog goals and personal growth I am going to be working [posting] through 52 Lists, but with a twist. Being a list person as well and having a heart for documenting life... even the hard parts. I felt like this would be something good to do, so I will add to my sharing a photo too.

Week 1: list the words that touch your soul:

~ Crucifixion
~ Redemption
~ Forgiveness
~ Echad
~ Holiness
~ Righteousness
~ Marriage
~ Womb
~ Infant
~ Salvation
~ Obedience
~ I Love you - will you marry me. He asked me three times - before I said yes
~ Steadfast
~ Faith
~ Purity
~ Chivalry
~ Honor
~ Family
~ Integrity
~ Weeping
~ Mountains
~ Home
~ Brotherhood
~ Sin
~ Mercy
~ Try
~ Begin
~ Again

 Photo: I'm currently reading, applying and praying my way through this book...

It's been good to read and to walk through, bringing about some ground in my life that still needs to sifted. God is good, and I am thankful He brings what we need - when we need it.

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