February 24, 2017

52 Lists :: the things you Should be proud of

This was hard for me, because when I read 'be proud of' my mind struggles with the definition. 

But I will do my best to write my list...

- holding a dying person's hand
- giving birth
- loving someone who hurts me
- forgiving a father who was not there (who after thirty + years is semi back in my life)
- being able to stand {by the grace of Yah} in the midst of a storm
- supplying every, daily care need to someone who cannot remember my name
- being able to pray for those who have rejected me

Those are the things I have am most proud of... then there are:

- fifteen years of caring as a C.N.A
- working at & obtaining my certification as a Recreation Director
- becoming the Volunteer Coordinator of a rural hospital
- working full time as a single mom
- completion of the Advanced Botanical Medicine course from Vintage Remedies
- writing for The Biblical Herbal
- home educating my daughter from sixth grade through high school
- being a Wife
- being a Mother
- keeping a Home

the Photo:

My book arrived, which means I will start using the book for my lists. Instead of the lists I found online. Although either will be good for me to complete...

What about you? What are the things you are proud of?

~ Blessings!

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