February 21, 2017

A Circumcision

We had the privilege of opening up our home for what is often referred to as a {brit milah}. Their son being circumcised on the eighth day as commanded by God. The family met the {mohel} here in our home, with the actual circumcision taking place in the bedroom. I have never attended a brit milah before, beings that both of my sons were circumcised in a hospital setting.

The mohel took the parents into the bedroom alone. There he talked with them about the procedure, the after care and asked various questions. Then he asked all the men into the room. The child's father; his brother, the child's grandfather and my husband... then proceeded with the circumcision. 

Apparently it is custom to not have women in the room during the actual 'doing of'...

The little guy did great, and didn't cry half as much as I remember my sons crying. My husband agreed the words “circumcision of the heart” will never have the same meaning again. He now has a detailed visual and an experience he will always remember...

~ Blessings!


  1. What a lovely experience! I long for a community of believers to share in these things. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Abbey,

    It truly was a humbling and honoring experience... we were grateful to be apart of it, and it was good for my daughter to be apart of as well. Abbey - I can relate about desiring a community of believers... but rest in your family and know one day that desire it will come to pass. Thank you for commenting!