February 3, 2017

The Freshening of Mama's Wool Blankets

Mama has been keeping her eyes open for wool blankets for years, and her diligence has paid off. My collecting of wool blankets started after I spent my first winter in Wyoming. When the reality of what twenty three degrees felt like couldn't be ignored. That winter I sent a plea to mama - please be on the look out for wool blankets! They will come in handy and I think I am going to need them...

Over the years my collection has grown to six. Six wool blankets, in various size and colors... all found from my mama's searching. Without a fee, except the time she spent looking. 

Each with a story, just like mama...

These blankets hold special value in my heart and will always have a home in my living space no matter how big or how small. Like my comforter, made by mama's hands, out of her denim shirts and up cycled fabrics.

“The term wool can mean the fibrous covering of a sheep in general, but it also refers to a specific type of fiber found in a sheep's fleece.” pg. 9 – the Fleece and Fiber Source Book, Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius

Learning to be a good steward of the blessings that God has given to us requires diligence. So I am gleaning how to care for these special treasures, in hopes to one day pass them on to my children.

For the freshening of my wool blankets: I simply air them in the shade, draped over multiple supports to protect against them loosing their shape. Airing your blankets can also help reduce odors and minimize possible laundering needs. 

I will lightly brush away or softly beat off any particles or pet hair that may be clinging to them, and spot clean if needed. With cold water and very little - to no friction. Honestly, I have not needed to do anything beyond my normal routine since I have had them in my possession.

When they are not in use, I store them out of direct sunlight, secured against moths or other wool invaders. Sunlight can also cause yellowing in wool, another reason I am careful. However, we do use them every fall and winter, and a couple of my wool blankets make the cut for Sukkot camping.

~ Blessings!

Shared With: Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth/The Art of Home-Making Mondays # 143

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