March 31, 2017

52 Lists :: List your Best qualities

Yikes, why is always so difficult? Okay, my best qualities - according to... me:

~ I am not one to give up easily, diligent
~ Strong self discipline, dependable, loyal
~ Enjoys being outdoors
~ I have a strong desire to do the right thing
~ Enjoys laughter, singing and people
~ Flexible in some ways, and... {not so much in others}
~ I enjoy planning, throwing an event, decorating - prefer to be behind the scenes
~ Prefers organization, but has no problem with the spontaneous
~ I don't mind hard work, getting dirty or using my hands
~ I put my heart into {almost} everything
~ Love's life! Even the hard parts...

the Photo: I stopped by the local box store just to look around, and oh my gardening fingers  I caught sight of this lovely clemantis. So I snapped a picture and... left without it.

 ~ Blessings & Happy Prep Day

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