March 10, 2017

52 Lists :: the Things you Treasure

List the things you treasure most: a treasure is something very much valued, something of worth or of great quantity...

treasures are like blessings, when you start listing them... it can be hard to stop:

~ The perfect lamb -Yeshua and the power of Redemption
~ my family, though small in number – they are priceless
~ the way my husband opens the car door for me
~ flannel sheets and linen duvet covers
~ Truth, honesty and being real – even in the hard parts
~ the smell of a baby's hair
~ the pleasantry sounds of chickens as they peck
~ the low moo of a mama cow
~ hot coffee on cold mornings
~ rocking chairs on porches
~ sleeping skirts made of flannel and of course Shabbat
~ mud puddles and thunderstorms
~ gospel songs with 'heart' and 'soul'
~ messages that mean something of eternal value
~ sunflowers in full bloom
~ the smell of a fresh cut grass, sunrises and sunsets
~ piles of yarn, just waiting for creativity... and knitted things there of
~ fresh bread from the oven, topped with raw butter
~ long aprons, flip flops and cabins
~ maples in fall, traditions, audio books for long car trips and quite knitting nights
~ L.I.F.E – Life is a treasure, a gift given...

the Photo:

He is the greatest momo on the planet! :) Handsome too... just thought I would share his cuteness with you all. Hard to believe he is two already.

~ Blessings! 

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