March 1, 2017

A Minimalist Kitchen - In Progress :: The Coffee Corner

I {really} wanted a coffee station for our little home, but I just could not seem to make the space for a sizable station, so instead I made a coffee corner... which fits nicely into my goals of remaining somewhat of a minimalist.

Around here we use the pour over method most of the time. It is quick and effective at delivering a nice cup of coffee... and that my friends can be paramount to a sunshiny day.

“The way in which coffee grounds are wetted and agitated is of particular importance to filter brewing.” - Tristan Stephenson

Our Coffee Corner is located near the stove, where I heat our Berkey water to just before boil. We use a small 'set a part' cabinet for all of our teas and paper filters. Our cloth filters are stored flat in a drawer near by, with a hook for drying after use, above the sink. 

“Just as a carrot or a cucumber deteriorates from the moment it is picked, the quality of a coffee bean diminishes from the time it was roasted. Knowing when your coffee was roasted is fundamental to understanding how fresh it is, so avoid buying bags.” - Tristan Stephenson

Currently, we need to purchase a coffee grinder, sorry Tristan... I must - at this time purchase bags. My ground coffee is stored in a mason jar, in the fridge. Again, very close by... {think apartment sized kitchen}.

Anyway, there are a few little touches I would like add to the corner, but for the most part it is finished and highly function-able.

~ Blessings!

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