52 Lists :: List your Essentials

The 1828 definition of essential is ~ 'something' that is ~  Necessary to the constitution or existence of a thing...
~ My Bible - NKJV and ESV
~ A Camera - of some sort
~ Coffee with Cream or Collagen
~ My Planner and Pen
~ Nature, Herb or Garden journal
~ Essential oils... :)
~ Supplements
~ Gardening... yes, it is necessary to the constitution of a thing, me
~ Knitting
~ Piles of Blankets and Books
~ Having a Central Command station - this helps me to function more effectively
~ Long, denim skirts
~ A light over sweater or flannel shirt
~ Mason jars and hair clips

the Photo: an evening drive in the country, to help clear the mind and focus the path before us...

~ Blessings & Shabbat Shalom!

My Favorite Brushing Oil {for teeth} & Why

Recently our family stepped off the multilevel marketing essential oil train, for a variety of reasons... 

We all know that essential oil use is big right now, and for good reason. They are powerful gifts from our Creator, and they are very effective at what they do. And it is {no secret} that huge multilevel marketing companies are making 'big money' on the use of their essential oils and products. But don't worry, this post is not about whether you should or should not spend your hard earned money on MLM essential oils... that is not my {heart's} battle ground.

However, after a few years of studying Aromatherapy, Essential Oils - their sources, testing and uses, along with learning a little about how to study a clinical study. After 'sharing' about essential oils and earning plenty of free products and a little income, and after realizing there are only so many distilleries and suppliers on the planet and after... well, a light bulb went off.

Now we purchase our essential oil from a handful of sources, and one such source is Hopewell Essential Oils. I appreciate their website immensely, the quality of the products they offer is stellar and the customer service - a huge blessing.

Yes, I highly recommend them... and I am not making any profit by telling you so. I am sharing out of professional use and love... Hopewell is a great source for high quality essential oils.

One of the blends they offer, Oral Hygiene, has been something we have been using for years. We love the taste and I just realized how low we were {yikes!} after making this batch of brushing oil. Which is what I really wanted to share with you. The recipe is very simple and adjustable for taste...

My Favorite Brushing Oil:

1 - empty & sanitized 5ml Bottle, dark glass please
Sweet Almond Oil, organic
15 to 20 drops of Oral Hygiene from Hopewell Essential Oils

What to Do: pour the sweet almond oil into the dark glass bottle, leaving enough room to add your Oral Hygiene and cap. Shake well. Label. To Use: add two drops of oil blend to your toothbrush, and brush normally. Rinse and spit, do not swallow. Repeat if needed...

Sometimes I use this in addition to our toothpaste, and other times I simply use the brushing oil. But Please Note: Oral Hygiene is not suitable for children, pregnant or lactating women due to the essential oil of Birch. I encourage you to head over and read more about it, and make your own brushing oil... your mouth will thank you!

~ Blessings!

Recommended Reading:

~ Your Essential Oil Guide - Joybilee Farm

52 Lists :: Your dream Trips & a Sharing

List your dream trips... listed in no particular order:

~ Riding the train in Canada, during Fall
~ Visit the Castles in Ireland
~ Visit Vermont in the Fall
~ Visit Northern Idaho, Western Montana and Eastern Oregon
~ Visit the Coast, in Oregon
~ Take a week long stay in a high mountain cabin
~ Visit a large Lavender field in full bloom
~ Watch a whale migration on the West Coast
~ Stand where Yeshua stood, see the Eastern Gate with my own eyes
~ Visit organic farms or botanical gardens for herbs and cut flowers
~ Jamestown, Gettysburg, Plymouth Rock and the Grand Canyon

the Photo: a peek into Pesach, our family held a private memorial for Pesach this past Tuesday and then we attended a group Pesach the following evening.

In closing, I wanted to share something of a blessing to my heart, over the last couple months I have been texting my Mama the list prompts shared here. This has been helping her focus on positive things while she is struggling with multiple health issues and testing... two weeks ago she shared that she has been sharing them with her friends that have been struggling with life and now they are all waiting to hear the next list prompt.

I didn't realize the impact it would have on Mama, let alone her friends... Glory to Yah!

~ Blessings!

Tell Me of Basil :: faithful and true // Basil infused ACV Recipe

No matter where I am, I can never keep my hands out of the dirt... growing something medicinal or otherwise, and Basil has always been faithful and true. Although we have not always been so close, this Basil and I.

Yes ~ I have grown it longer than my children, however for a season I would become light headed and sick to my stomach every time I harvested it. I could consume it raw or cooked without a problem, and it created no skin reactions... to this day I do not know the root cause.

Medicinal: Basil has a lot to offer, antibacterial in nature, and known for her digestive assistance... cramps, spasms, and gas to name a few. Prefect in a tea and very stimulating.

 In the Garden: Basil loves sunshine, but appreciates some shade in the height of Summer. Usually grown as an annual, in rich and well drained soil. She is not a fan of cold weather, and enjoys the companions of tomatoes and peppers. Basil does well in containers of various sorts... as you can see, even a simple mason jar will house her roots for the last cool nights of Spring.

Pinching back her tops will promote bushy growth and harvest the leaves in plant head or by themselves. To be used fresh or dried.

Culinary: Basil is ever so popular, especially in Italian dishes... pasta, pesto, and tomato sauces. She can be frozen for later use as well...

Have you every heard of a 'Cheese Torta with Basil, Olives and Sundried Tomatoes'? I just found a recipe I would love to try... {here}

Speaking of recipes, I also whipped up a small batch of Basil infused ACV for our homemade salad dressings. I took a small sanitized jar, recycled of course, and filled it half way with semi bruised, fresh Basil leaves. Then I topped off the jar with Organic, Apple Cider Vinegar.

I placed the jar in the window sill for solar infusion and in about a week or so I will strain out the leaves and use the ACV in our oil and vinegar dressings. {Inspiration How To Here}

~ Blessings!

52 Lists :: the Things that Always cheer You up

I am sharing a day early due to my schedule... list the things that always cheer you up:

My Husband & his silly songs
Smiles from my Daughter
Praise Music
A ride in the country
Shabbat Service & Gatherings
Hot Coffee with Creme
MoMo's Wiggle Butt
A job well done
Milking - cows & goats
The wind through the trees of Summer
When mama calls me Tweezle
Letters from my pen pal... we have been writing for years, and one day... I know I will meet her and her whole family - face to face
Watching birds at my feeder
Planting & Harvesting
Yanking weeds out by the root
Building or creating something
Stomping in mud puddles
Playing in the rain
Yarn... bowls of woolly goodness
To be remembered

the Photo: not this week...

~ Blessings!

Five ways to Rejuvenate your Space

This is the perfect time of year for space rejuvenation... a couple of lists back {see the 52 Lists Project} I wrote down somethings that I could do to rejuvenate my space. After sharing a few of those ideas with you, I went to work  putting my list into action... and guess what - it is rejuvenating our space!

~ Plant Something, Add some Plants or Re-pot the ones You have: personally, I think every space looks better with plants and the more the merrier. Around here, I have been doing all three... planting some early veggies for our balcony garden. Added a large potted fern, {I really like ferns} and some of our winter window sill plants needed some attention, so they were re-potted and kicked to the balcony too!

~ Hang a Bird Feeder: have you every been to Wild Birds Unlimited? I had not, until last week... and oh my goodness, the cashier was so nice and very helpful. In fact, her service and assistance endeared my return. I look forward to hanging a few more feeders, and hopefully the property management will not throw a fuss. Because this girl needs some nature!

~ Line Your Sill with Solar Infused Herbal Oil: I added two jars of oil... infused with Calendula. With hopes of adding a few more. This will inspire my herbal creativity and I think a window sill lined with herbs is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you?

~ Add some low cost Accents: we are gearing up for the Spring Biblical Feasts, and thanks to Land of Honey, I added a couple of easy print-ables to our atmosphere. One for Pesach & Unleavened Bread and one for Shabbat.

I also hung a couple of garden hangers, for our oil lamps. Yes, I hung oil lamps in our big city apartment. From a preparedness angle, this entire complex is electricity reliant, and that does not set well with my apron strings... so I am doing a little something about it. 

Besides, I like the look that oil lamps bring to our home...

~ Make Cold Brew Coffee or Sun Tea: who doesn't like the look of jars lined up {I think I have a thing for lined jars} and filled with sun tea or cold brew coffee. Alright, maybe this would not classify as a way to rejuvenate your space... but for me it does. Both spruce up my outlook and my mental space... if you will. :)

So - Go Ahead, roll up your sleeves and reshuffle, spring clean or create something for your space. 

~ & Enjoy!