April 21, 2017

52 Lists :: List your Essentials

The 1828 definition of essential is ~ 'something' that is ~  Necessary to the constitution or existence of a thing...
~ My Bible - NKJV and ESV
~ A Camera - of some sort
~ Coffee with Cream or Collagen
~ My Planner and Pen
~ Nature, Herb or Garden journal
~ Essential oils... :)
~ Supplements
~ Gardening... yes, it is necessary to the constitution of a thing, me
~ Knitting
~ Piles of Blankets and Books
~ Having a Central Command station - this helps me to function more effectively
~ Long, denim skirts
~ A light over sweater or flannel shirt
~ Mason jars and hair clips

the Photo: an evening drive in the country, to help clear the mind and focus the path before us...

~ Blessings & Shabbat Shalom!

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand your gardening comment! I'm pushing 64 yrs old and I hear so many older people say they don't bother with it anymore. I can't not do it! It's a part of who I am.