April 6, 2017

52 Lists :: the Things that Always cheer You up

I am sharing a day early due to my schedule... list the things that always cheer you up:

My Husband & his silly songs
Smiles from my Daughter
Praise Music
A ride in the country
Shabbat Service & Gatherings
Hot Coffee with Creme
MoMo's Wiggle Butt
A job well done
Milking - cows & goats
The wind through the trees of Summer
When mama calls me Tweezle
Letters from my pen pal... we have been writing for years, and one day... I know I will meet her and her whole family - face to face
Watching birds at my feeder
Planting & Harvesting
Yanking weeds out by the root
Building or creating something
Stomping in mud puddles
Playing in the rain
Yarn... bowls of woolly goodness
To be remembered

the Photo: not this week...

~ Blessings!

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