April 15, 2017

52 Lists :: Your dream Trips & a Sharing

List your dream trips... listed in no particular order:

~ Riding the train in Canada, during Fall
~ Visit the Castles in Ireland
~ Visit Vermont in the Fall
~ Visit Northern Idaho, Western Montana and Eastern Oregon
~ Visit the Coast, in Oregon
~ Take a week long stay in a high mountain cabin
~ Visit a large Lavender field in full bloom
~ Watch a whale migration on the West Coast
~ Stand where Yeshua stood, see the Eastern Gate with my own eyes
~ Visit organic farms or botanical gardens for herbs and cut flowers
~ Jamestown, Gettysburg, Plymouth Rock and the Grand Canyon

the Photo: a peek into Pesach, our family held a private memorial for Pesach this past Tuesday and then we attended a group Pesach the following evening.

In closing, I wanted to share something of a blessing to my heart, over the last couple months I have been texting my Mama the list prompts shared here. This has been helping her focus on positive things while she is struggling with multiple health issues and testing... two weeks ago she shared that she has been sharing them with her friends that have been struggling with life and now they are all waiting to hear the next list prompt.

I didn't realize the impact it would have on Mama, let alone her friends... Glory to Yah!

~ Blessings!

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