April 4, 2017

Five ways to Rejuvenate your Space

This is the perfect time of year for space rejuvenation... a couple of lists back {see the 52 Lists Project} I wrote down somethings that I could do to rejuvenate my space. After sharing a few of those ideas with you, I went to work  putting my list into action... and guess what - it is rejuvenating our space!

~ Plant Something, Add some Plants or Re-pot the ones You have: personally, I think every space looks better with plants and the more the merrier. Around here, I have been doing all three... planting some early veggies for our balcony garden. Added a large potted fern, {I really like ferns} and some of our winter window sill plants needed some attention, so they were re-potted and kicked to the balcony too!

~ Hang a Bird Feeder: have you every been to Wild Birds Unlimited? I had not, until last week... and oh my goodness, the cashier was so nice and very helpful. In fact, her service and assistance endeared my return. I look forward to hanging a few more feeders, and hopefully the property management will not throw a fuss. Because this girl needs some nature!

~ Line Your Sill with Solar Infused Herbal Oil: I added two jars of oil... infused with Calendula. With hopes of adding a few more. This will inspire my herbal creativity and I think a window sill lined with herbs is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you?

~ Add some low cost Accents: we are gearing up for the Spring Biblical Feasts, and thanks to Land of Honey, I added a couple of easy print-ables to our atmosphere. One for Pesach & Unleavened Bread and one for Shabbat.

I also hung a couple of garden hangers, for our oil lamps. Yes, I hung oil lamps in our big city apartment. From a preparedness angle, this entire complex is electricity reliant, and that does not set well with my apron strings... so I am doing a little something about it. 

Besides, I like the look that oil lamps bring to our home...

~ Make Cold Brew Coffee or Sun Tea: who doesn't like the look of jars lined up {I think I have a thing for lined jars} and filled with sun tea or cold brew coffee. Alright, maybe this would not classify as a way to rejuvenate your space... but for me it does. Both spruce up my outlook and my mental space... if you will. :)

So - Go Ahead, roll up your sleeves and reshuffle, spring clean or create something for your space. 

~ & Enjoy!

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  1. I agree with all your adds. It is the simple...little things in life!