April 14, 2017

Tell Me of Basil :: faithful and true // Basil infused ACV Recipe

No matter where I am, I can never keep my hands out of the dirt... growing something medicinal or otherwise, and Basil has always been faithful and true. Although we have not always been so close, this Basil and I.

Yes ~ I have grown it longer than my children, however for a season I would become light headed and sick to my stomach every time I harvested it. I could consume it raw or cooked without a problem, and it created no skin reactions... to this day I do not know the root cause.

Medicinal: Basil has a lot to offer, antibacterial in nature, and known for her digestive assistance... cramps, spasms, and gas to name a few. Prefect in a tea and very stimulating.

 In the Garden: Basil loves sunshine, but appreciates some shade in the height of Summer. Usually grown as an annual, in rich and well drained soil. She is not a fan of cold weather, and enjoys the companions of tomatoes and peppers. Basil does well in containers of various sorts... as you can see, even a simple mason jar will house her roots for the last cool nights of Spring.

Pinching back her tops will promote bushy growth and harvest the leaves in plant head or by themselves. To be used fresh or dried.

Culinary: Basil is ever so popular, especially in Italian dishes... pasta, pesto, and tomato sauces. She can be frozen for later use as well...

Have you every heard of a 'Cheese Torta with Basil, Olives and Sundried Tomatoes'? I just found a recipe I would love to try... {here}

Speaking of recipes, I also whipped up a small batch of Basil infused ACV for our homemade salad dressings. I took a small sanitized jar, recycled of course, and filled it half way with semi bruised, fresh Basil leaves. Then I topped off the jar with Organic, Apple Cider Vinegar.

I placed the jar in the window sill for solar infusion and in about a week or so I will strain out the leaves and use the ACV in our oil and vinegar dressings. {Inspiration How To Here}

~ Blessings!

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