May 1, 2017

52 Lists :: the Difficult moments that Shaped you for the Better

List the difficult moments in your past that have shaped you for the better...

~ Being the oldest, I remember when we were homeless, and my mama took us 'camping' for a very long time... I still remember my little brother sleeping between my other brother and I to stay warm. I also remember the snow that was on the ground, and in all honesty... how mama made that 'hard' time feel like fun. For the better: who knew that would effect my views of living outside, of facing a challenge head on, without falling apart... I often reserved that part for later, after the fact or stuffed it. (by the way - stuffing it... is not healthy - I am learning that now too)

~ Transitioning from a full time career woman to home maker, and home educator... looking back I wish we would have made that transition sooner, but I have full confidence in God's perfect timing. Of all the jobs I have ever had, this area of my life requires more patience and skills than anything I have ever learned in college or on the job. For the better: I am learning {and have learned} many skills I would not have learned otherwise, I have learned to let some things go, and how to pray like a warrior... but - the list could be endless.

~ Four major moves, in three years... if I am transparent, I think we are still trying to recover... recover to what I am not sure. However, as a family we would like to stop and breathe, but we also know this is not our 'forever' place. For the better: we don't own a lot of things, we can be ready to go in a flash and I have become skilled in knowing what to hang on to, and what you can easily replace. In truth, many things can be held lightly... except God/Yeshua and family.

~ When my husband went six months without work... for the better: we learned to trust in the Body of Messiah, in the Provision of the Almighty, to rest - knowing He sees and hears. To humble ourselves, and we learned how our family, even with our personal struggles, can buckle down and "cow girl up" when duty calls.

~ Living in a camper, using composting toilets and utilizing an outdoor kitchen through the Tennessee seasons... I still think the tornado's were scheduled around the dinner making hour. For the better: remember how I said hold things lightly, dinner can sometimes be one of those things. If I had to do it again, and I would... I know what would be a must and what would be a luxury or a preference. :)

~ My daughters three hip surgeries, in two years... the effects of the medication, later - I found out many things that were attributed to the side effects of heavy narcotic and pain med use post surgical. The side effect issues of these drugs on children, is serious and little is done to prepare the family.

For the better: I now pray for mercy, grace and forgiveness for all the things I didn't know, for the things people said and did, for those things that were done in ignorance. Or intentional. To let go of false accusations, responsibility, and how to ask better questions. To allow grace for my mistakes, wrong actions and responses... we are all human, in great need of Redemption.

There are many other difficult moments I could list, those life valley's that have shaped the person I am now, but really those valley's point to My Redemption Story. The amazing reality of the Almighty Creator... and the love He poured out for me, on the cross. He has worked all things for my good... He knows my beginning and my end, and I pray my redemptive life brings Him glory.

the Photo: a bucket of balcony pea's... and a little spinach. There is a rosemary in there too... hmm, who planted all that in one little bucket. {?}

~ Blessings!

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