52 Lists :: the Things that Motivate you

When I think of Motivation, I now think of my daughter's Aussie... the very essence of motivation. But he will not be making the list - this go around.

  • Words of Affirmation 
  • Acts of Service
  • Truth - that which is written in the Bible, God's Word
  • Praise Music - hebraic, and blue grass are some of my favorites
  • Creation - being outside
  • Hope - Not deferred 
  • Thunder storms and rainy days
  • Chilly Fall mornings, spark my creativity 
  • Organic, whole foods and coffee
  • A clean bedroom, with air dried linens
  • Farmer's Markets
  • A good, spirit feeding, biblical discipleship book
  • Hearing please and thank you
  • Evenings... or days without screens 
  • Goals reached

Each week, in the 52 Lists book, there is an action... this weeks action was to practice turning one of your motivators into a daily habit that will push you to take action and make your accomplishments happen.

the Photo: the girl is motivated - I am so happy we found a very passionate, Christian instructor... who knows how and what to teach within Karate. All in light of the Bible, including many principles written in the Torah.

 ~ Blessings!

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