Finding my Blogging feet :: or the Purpose of this

When I first started blogging - I posted about our families homeschooling adventures... documenting a lifestyle of learning. Then it came time for me to shut the blog down, and I was {am} so thankful that I had the fore thought to print the pages before hand.

We still look at them from time to time, reminiscing.

Actually, this is my fourth blog, and from this view... it will be my last. This is home, at least my online home. But finding my blogging feet with a title of By the Eastern Gate has been a challenge, because this blog doesn't really fit a particular mold. And it is okay...

There isn't a handful of topics or a particular audience I am writing for... because By the Eastern Gate is more a place of being... than a place of doing. In the sense of the over all theme being stated. It is a mindful place, a healing place... a place my heart resides.

However, in the book of Proverbs, it states where there is no vision the people perish. We know that having a direction, a goal or a purpose is a good thing, so of late I have been pondering those concepts for this blog.

My main goal for By the Eastern Gate, is to document life. This life God gave us... to create a record for my family and give a testimony of the workings of Yeshua {Jesus} in our every day life. I hope to one day print my postings for a family keep sake...

My second goal is to encourage others - to simply, cultivate their life...

Things can be complicated, and I think - we can make them even more complicated. We add pressure upon ourselves, on each other, and on our children. We carry around false ideas about who we are, where we should be going and what we should be doing. We complicate health, living, education, even our physical appearance... Ha! - we even complicate the Word of God. I know I have...

But here, I hope you will find a seat on the porch and embrace a moment. Take time to watch the chickens peck... and pick dandelions. Take time to taste, smell and breathe life...  to cultivate your home, play in the rain, learn a new skill... to create, or to seek solace and of course - to plant. 

Yes, here you will find posts about agrarian living, faith and the collecting of hope. You will find snap shots of small things and writings about natural living, gardening and keeping a home. There are even a few posts about coffee... so you see, simply - cultivating life.

Blogging purpose defined and it is as clear as... mud.

~ Blessings!

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