June 26, 2017

Simply because Cabbages are Beautiful

One of my favorite "dates" with my husband is strolling the local farmer's market. We have done this for years, and it never gets old to me. I am always inspired and encouraged with the ability to purchase local, quality produce.

Sharing ~ simply because cabbages are beautiful.

June 21, 2017

Lavender :: Let's Make Footsie Scrub

Lavender, Lavendula augustifolia, a botanical friend that is easiest to grow from propagation, or root cuttings. She prefers well drained soil, hot sunny days and often is the subject of conversation. Especially when discussing which one of her family members is best suited for medicinal assistance.

Many Herbalists use - primarily - the blossom, which should be harvested just before they are opening. Although you can use the leaf in many situations. Lavender is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. She is also well known for her positive effect on minor burns and personal stress levels.

Lavender is a wonderful addition to any herb garden, or provides a decorative row along a path's edge. The blossoms draw a variety of pollinators and gives you almost endless opportunities for use. From bath tea to herbal tea, drawer wands and foot scrubs - like the one I am sharing below.

Lavender Footsie Scrub : a recipe from by the eastern gate

½ Cup Oatmeal
¼ Cup Sugar
2 T Lavender Buds & Leaves
5 – 7 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Directions: (parental assist) - place the oatmeal, sugar and lavender buds/leaves into a blender or chopper, one that is only used for herbal preparations and blend. Blend until the mixture is semi fine, to fine. Add the essential oil drops and give it a quick whiz. Package in a seal-able container, label and date. * I used these lovely labels from the graphics fairy for my footsie scrub.

To Use: mix some footsie scrub with enough water to form a paste like texture, and rub into the feet - gently. Focusing on the heels and toes, getting them extra clean. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 

* Please do not use the footsie scrub in the bathtub, or wash it down the drain. This can cause drainage issues.

Lavender is no stranger to culinary company either. A simple search online or a visit to your local library and you will discover a range of recipes for culinary use. Yes, she certainly is a lady of many talents.

In addition I gleaned a few recipes and resources for you, to help cultivate {if you will} your upcoming Lavender adventures.  Enjoy!



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Remember - any and all - gleaned information found here needs to be taken with personal responsibility. I do not treat, diagnose, nor imply disease prevention. I am not a physician, and my statements have not been approved by the FDA.You may find my professional herbal education listed under the disclosure tab.

June 16, 2017

More to Life than 52 Lists :: when I get a moment

No excuses as to why I have not been able to sit and share, or to create thus write. None. Save life... and for that my friends, I shall not make an excuse. {Smile insert} The home buying adventure continues... and with it comes the wrestling of decision: less land verses more land and the particulars that go along with each one. As of right now the search continues...

List the Things that Make you Laugh:

~ Silly Songs - my husband likes to make up little songs, often designed to bring a giggle
~ My Daughter - she has a witty sense of humor
~ Honestly, watching ducks waddle
~ Children - they make me laugh
~ Baby Chickens
~ A little girl, at the pool last night. She said to me, as I was obviously convincing myself that the water really wasn't that cold... "the best way to do it, is to just go in, then you will be use to it!" Followed up by one of the biggest smiles I have seen in a while. Yes, that made me laugh... a couple times throughout the week.

List some Family Traditions:

~ Shabbat: each Friday night as the sun sets - we honor the weekly Shabbat. The way it looks each week has changed some over the years, but we still {LOVE} Shabbat.
~ New Moon - we often have a special treat, blow the shofar and attempt to sight the new moon.
~ Pesach, First Fruits, Unleavened Bread, Shavuot, Trumpets, Atonement and Sukkot... seven feast given in Scripture, and each feast cycle brings something very precious from our Redeemer.
~ Family Birthdays - we have a special meal, and offer a gift... recently we have taken up a tradition of writing a blessing for the birthday one, and keeping them in notebook for the years to come.
~ Thanksgiving, we enjoy - as well!

the Photo:
 A small image collection of Shavuot, the counting of days... two loaves and sheaf. The tradition of the book of Ruth, a special meal and teaching. Fifty days of taking account of our life and rejoicing.

June 8, 2017

52 Lists :: the Back log, Life of Late & Sweet Cream

To catch up my journaling the 52 Lists project and to share a peek into our life of late, all while sipping hot coffee and sweet cream...

List the things you want to make:

~ A flannel blanket
~ My sweater, socks and to finish my hat - half way done!
~ Sew my apron smock, and finish my daughter's quilt
~ My family smile
~ Cheese!

List your favorite places you have been:

~ Jackson Hole, WY
~ Red Lodge, MT
~ Cumberland Gap, TN
~ Big Horn Mountains, WY
~ Dunraven Pass, WY
~ Northern Michigan, in the Fall
~ the Mountains, in the West... they are home to me

So, life of late... the housing market is insane. Houses are listing and in less than two days, they are gone. My husband and I are praying through this whole process, and we really do not desire to buy just any old house... if you know what I mean.

My daughter began college, I am so proud of her... and she has been working full time nights. With one car (sort of) and two jobs, in two different directions. Well, lets just say I am learning the streets quickly and at all hours of the day... or night.

the Photo:

Because life, is sometimes better with a little sweet cream in your coffee. Oh! And what do you think of my new blog design, header and button. It is lovely isn't it - and so me... if your curious to whom did such great work, her link is at the bottom of my blog.

June 1, 2017

Basil :: an Herbal Block & Template for Beginners

My mama used to embroidery, I remember a couple of jean jackets she had where she embroidered the entire back... swans on a lake, a weeping willow. But the skill didn't pass on to me, until my mother in law encouraged me to try. I remember she purchased a whole basket of embroidery projects, supplies and tools for my birthday one year... and so - she created a spark.

Now mind you, I have not kept it up really, only playing with it here and there. Well, this is one of those here and there moments... {Basil} - an herbal block for embroidery, and handmade template for beginners.

The block is a simple nine x nine cotton square, with a traced copy of the template... hand made by yours truly. The colors used were numbers 934, 703 and 702 from joann's, however you can use whatever color scheme you desire and have on hand. The cost of this block was approximately $2.50 with coupon... I was able to purchase a small piece of fabric, large enough for four squares and the floss for project as well as an embroidery hoop for that amount.

The inspiration came from a book called Heirloom Embroidery by Jan Constantine, which was checked out of the local library, and fueled by my fondness of herbals, gardening and any old hands on project for vintage skills. Apparently that is what they are called now... {smile} vintage skills.

Basil Embroidery Template {HERE}Basil Notebook Page {HERE}

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