June 1, 2017

Basil :: an Herbal Block & Template for Beginners

My mama used to embroidery, I remember a couple of jean jackets she had where she embroidered the entire back... swans on a lake, a weeping willow. But the skill didn't pass on to me, until my mother in law encouraged me to try. I remember she purchased a whole basket of embroidery projects, supplies and tools for my birthday one year... and so - she created a spark.

Now mind you, I have not kept it up really, only playing with it here and there. Well, this is one of those here and there moments... {Basil} - an herbal block for embroidery, and handmade template for beginners.

The block is a simple nine x nine cotton square, with a traced copy of the template... hand made by yours truly. The colors used were numbers 934, 703 and 702 from joann's, however you can use whatever color scheme you desire and have on hand. The cost of this block was approximately $2.50 with coupon... I was able to purchase a small piece of fabric, large enough for four squares and the floss for project as well as an embroidery hoop for that amount.

The inspiration came from a book called Heirloom Embroidery by Jan Constantine, which was checked out of the local library, and fueled by my fondness of herbals, gardening and any old hands on project for vintage skills. Apparently that is what they are called now... {smile} vintage skills.

Basil Embroidery Template {HERE}Basil Notebook Page {HERE}

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