June 21, 2017

Lavender :: Let's Make Footsie Scrub

Lavender, Lavendula augustifolia, a botanical friend that is easiest to grow from propagation, or root cuttings. She prefers well drained soil, hot sunny days and often is the subject of conversation. Especially when discussing which one of her family members is best suited for medicinal assistance.

Many Herbalists use - primarily - the blossom, which should be harvested just before they are opening. Although you can use the leaf in many situations. Lavender is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. She is also well known for her positive effect on minor burns and personal stress levels.

Lavender is a wonderful addition to any herb garden, or provides a decorative row along a path's edge. The blossoms draw a variety of pollinators and gives you almost endless opportunities for use. From bath tea to herbal tea, drawer wands and foot scrubs - like the one I am sharing below.

Lavender Footsie Scrub : a recipe from by the eastern gate

½ Cup Oatmeal
¼ Cup Sugar
2 T Lavender Buds & Leaves
5 – 7 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Directions: (parental assist) - place the oatmeal, sugar and lavender buds/leaves into a blender or chopper, one that is only used for herbal preparations and blend. Blend until the mixture is semi fine, to fine. Add the essential oil drops and give it a quick whiz. Package in a seal-able container, label and date. * I used these lovely labels from the graphics fairy for my footsie scrub.

To Use: mix some footsie scrub with enough water to form a paste like texture, and rub into the feet - gently. Focusing on the heels and toes, getting them extra clean. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 

* Please do not use the footsie scrub in the bathtub, or wash it down the drain. This can cause drainage issues.

Lavender is no stranger to culinary company either. A simple search online or a visit to your local library and you will discover a range of recipes for culinary use. Yes, she certainly is a lady of many talents.

In addition I gleaned a few recipes and resources for you, to help cultivate {if you will} your upcoming Lavender adventures.  Enjoy!



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