July 26, 2017

This Day :: a journal entry

Today I'm: Ha! Trying to get my ducks in a row... this morning I was able to get my two mile walk in, spend some time with my daughter and go to the library. This afternoon, prior to sitting down and writing a blog post... because I need to, and want to, I spent two hours working on more Tell Me of: Embroidery Templates.

looking out my window: the sun shines, but I actually have the blinds closed to keep out the afternoon sun. It is hot... and that is all I will say about that. {smile}

with gratitude and thanksgiving: I am grateful that my daughter has two weeks off from classes, because - I missed her. Between her work and school, I have come to cherish our moments even more.

we are celebrating and enjoying: I just celebrated my birthday, and you know... I feel better now than I ever did in my twenties. On multiple levels... thankful the LORD granted me another year, I intend to be joyful in it!

 from the pages I am reading: actually, we are still working through a stack of books. You know, the ones that you start and three months later your half way between them all. Yeah. That is what it is like. However, just last night I was reading an article about the Food Freedom law that passed in Wyoming. Man - I miss home. I miss the mountains, the people, the climate - and now, I miss the food freedom.

of sowing and reaping: Farmer's Markets - I love them. I am thankful for them, and yes... I will gladly pay three dollars for eggs from a local farmer verses the dollar ones at the local supermarket when we are able. I have had to purchase those dollar eggs too, but I do prefer to support whole, local food producers... especially when they are raised with great practices.

thus creating, a cultivation of soul: well, I will just show you a sneak peak...

from the hearth: THM {Trim Healthy Mama} is great! I am just 13 pounds to my first goal weight and have been in "one-der land" for a little bit now - again I am very grateful. Have I always eaten on plan, no... but I get back up and keep going, and it is paying off.

adding to the apothecary: My mama sent me a huge box of dried plantain and I am in the process of make large batches of infused oil for another project I am working on, it is too early to share about it yet... so please be patient.

building community and sustainability: huh, we almost bought a house. We were the ones who withdrew from the process, and that - was so hard - for me. But the reason we did it, was solely due to the fact it didn't rest in my spirit at all... I was up all night, the night we made the offer. In morning, my Husband and I prayed, I had asked God for a specific thing.

In which, He answered - specifically.

Readers, we have been waiting for a homestead of our own for eight plus years, a couple more months isn't going too hard, and when we do find it... both of us will have complete peace over the process.


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