August 28, 2017

These Knitted Socks

Not so long ago, in a semi distant state - I had a desire to learn how to knit socks. Actually, I wanted to learn how to knit all sorts of things like; sweaters, blankets, socks and mittens. So I began - like every dream and goal - I took steps toward my desire to learn, and to keep taking those steps until I achieved my goal.

By my fifth pair, and few sweaters and mittens later... my stitches have greatly improved, as well as my speed. These here - are mine, a birthday blessing for my feet. Usually, I have a running list of knitting projects, with a time frame attached... but I also know that life happens. These knitted socks were almost a month out from my birthday...

My desire to learn to knit wasn't just about making pretty things for my family or for myself. It is much bigger than that... do you know how many people ask for knitted items, once they know you have this skill? Sure, I could sell knitted items... and I have. But knitting is a hobby, and sometimes - it is a ministry. Knitting is also a way that I connect with other cultures throughout history...

Let me say it this way - I realize that you can run down to your local "mart" and buy socks semi cheap and not have to take the time {or money} to invest in learning to knit them yourself. But what if - you could not get to a "mart" - or found yourself in the position, where only your skills traded for or purchased the things you may need. I don't speak from a 'doom and gloom' heart place, but rather from an 'add assets' to yourself or your family place.

Thus knitting is just one of the ways I am doing this...

August 25, 2017

52 Lists :: The Things that Make you Excited

Those butterfly feelings in your stomach, when you discover something that makes you excited:

{True story} - not so long ago - I thought all my butterflies died. But true to HIM, cultivating a new life and setting a few butterflies to flight with in me - simply took His timing and His hand.

I feel like we are beginning again... which is exciting!

~ the idea of buying a house, and {in a whisper - moving again}
~ spending time with like minded believers, praise and music
~ SUKKOT - I just love Sukkot
~ camping
~ taking a trip
~ home keeping - exercising traditional home skills
~ spending time with my husband and daughter
~ revelations from the Ruach
~ a new book
~ projects completed
~ my up coming wedding anniversary

the Photo:

This picture is very special to me, it speaks to me - and shares exactly where I am. Right at this very moment. Twice armed and twice loved... armed with the Word, a sword like no other. The silver blade, a gift from my husband. Loved by the Creator of the Universe, whom put himself on that cross for me... Yeshua the Messiah. Loved by a man, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone...

August 23, 2017

Thyme :: Embroidery Block and Template

Yippie! I finished my Thyme Embroidery Block, below you will find the template for your herbal stitching. However, I must confess that towards the end of this embroidery block I became a bit frustrated. Which can really snuff my creativity!

Upon taking it off the hoop I discovered some stitching errors. {hmm} Which was to be expected, since my emotions do effect my creativity. I pondered to redo it... or toss it aside and exclude it from my final project. But in the end, I chose to keep it with the intentions of touching it up the best I can.

Giving myself permission to make mistakes, and to refrain from listening to the idea that we some how are to be perfect in all things. Yes, I chose to keep my technique - these stitching errors - as part of my final project, and allow myself to move on.

I think after it is ironed, with the edging in place and - after the entire project is finished... it will look herbal-ly amazing! By the way - please let me know if you use these templates, or if you have any other positive feedback... my hope is to create a variety of herbal projects. Created from a heart love for homeschooling, traditional home skills and of course - herbalsm.

Handmade Thyme Embroidery Template: visit HERE for the printable page.

Thankfully I have the next three templates already sketched, one of which is on the hoop... Rosemary. But I don't want to jump ahead of my planning... as I still have a couple of projects for Thyme to share.

~ This post is part of a series, Tell Me Of: Herbal Narrative and Projects for Children - found in my side bar. You can read more about me or my herbal education in the {about} and {disclosure} tabs.