August 4, 2017

52 Lists :: the Wildest things - to Try

List the wildest things you want to try... a bucket list maybe:

~ Another Move - this time to the Northwest, don't worry it isn't happening within the next couple months - that I know of. However, we desire to move back West some day. More specifically the Northwest. Our family has spent a great deal of time looking down the road that I wonder - if sometimes - we missed some of the moments we were living in.

Don't get me wrong... I would not have changed much, but we do desire to live where there are hardwoods and pine. Where the fall is spectacular and winter... well - winter IS. We have not seen two foot of snow in years and we miss it... oh and the mountains, they are so calling my name.

~ Living off Grid, Solar - this is still a hope of ours, to have a homestead and sell veggies by the curb side... milk my goats, knit sweaters and socks... share real food, real moments and spend time on the front porch. Well - that may be mine, mostly.

But as far as wildest things, I think that is subjective... truthfully I don't want to be wild. There has been plenty of thrill in my life to keep me content, and right now... finding a home, my attempts of starting a business, my herbal pursuits, being a wife & mother - and so forth. It is well...

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