August 1, 2017

Thyme :: Tisane with Lemon & Honey

Thyme, Thymus vularis, is beloved of bees and well suited for most climates. He prefers his home with well drained soil, and plenty of sunshine. Thyme can either stand up tall or creep along, however as he matures Thyme can become woody. Thus a good trimming each Spring will not only encourage new growth, it will also encourage plenty of new flowers. New flowers mean happy pollinators. Especially Bees!

Thyme flowers and leaves can be made into a tea, or a syrup for coughs and colds. I think, Thyme infused honey would taste just lovely on sourdough toast, and the tiny sprigs make wonderful smelling adornments for gifts given.

A home for Thyme can be elegant or simple, big or small, planted with friends or all by himself. Thyme truly is one of the most amiable herbs Created... he has even forgiven all those dry periods I unintentionally put him through. 

Thyme Tisane with Lemon & Honey

~ 8 ounces of hot water, approximately 
~ 1 tea ball of dried, organic thyme
~ lemon juice and honey

Directions: fill the tea ball with dried, organic thyme, and place it in the tea cup. Pour approximately eight ounces of hot water, or until the tea cup is pleasantly full. Allowing room for the addition of the lemon and honey, of course.  

Next: let the tea rest for about two minutes.  

Then: remove the tea ball and add ½ teaspoon of honey. Stir. Add a few drops of lemon juice and stir again... enjoy. You may desire to add a little extra lemon and honey to taste.

In the Links & Resources below you will also find a link to a pdf that shares easy embroidery stitches. The details are great and it is free. I share this because I hope to have the Thyme embroidery block and template up by early next week as well as a coloring page.

Links & Resources:

~ Rosemary Gladstar's Medicincal Herbs – A Beginners Guide
~ Thyme Lime Aid – Vintage Remedies
~ American Botanical Society – Herbal Gram – Thyme
~ Colonial Patterns, Inc. - Easy Embroidery Stitch Guide/PDF

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