August 23, 2017

Thyme :: Embroidery Block and Template

Yippie! I finished my Thyme Embroidery Block, below you will find the template for your herbal stitching. However, I must confess that towards the end of this embroidery block I became a bit frustrated. Which can really snuff my creativity!

Upon taking it off the hoop I discovered some stitching errors. {hmm} Which was to be expected, since my emotions do effect my creativity. I pondered to redo it... or toss it aside and exclude it from my final project. But in the end, I chose to keep it with the intentions of touching it up the best I can.

Giving myself permission to make mistakes, and to refrain from listening to the idea that we some how are to be perfect in all things. Yes, I chose to keep my technique - these stitching errors - as part of my final project, and allow myself to move on.

I think after it is ironed, with the edging in place and - after the entire project is finished... it will look herbal-ly amazing! By the way - please let me know if you use these templates, or if you have any other positive feedback... my hope is to create a variety of herbal projects. Created from a heart love for homeschooling, traditional home skills and of course - herbalsm.

Handmade Thyme Embroidery Template: visit HERE for the printable page.

Thankfully I have the next three templates already sketched, one of which is on the hoop... Rosemary. But I don't want to jump ahead of my planning... as I still have a couple of projects for Thyme to share.

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