October 13, 2017

Thyme :: Notebook Page & More

In the middle of a major life move and where do I find my mind wandering to? Herbal projects for children. Well - it is either that or the Word of God... or homesteading, milking goats and raising gardens. Sometimes it is all of the above.

Anyway, I wanted to share this Thyme notebook page with you, along with a new page I created called 'My First Herb Garden'... before move out day. Which is just over two weeks away!

Again, both are a simple - black and white printable page. My hope is to work on editing and then add a little frosting to the whole Tell Me Of Series when we get settled in... but until them:

  • For both pages - follow the link - print as needed. I corrected the page title in the link, as in the photo it says 'your first herb garden'. Yes - Editing, formatting and frosting will be a must!

Also before I go, I wanted to share a blog with you. It is called brave grown home, and I love it! Even though, we currently don't have little ones in our home. The way she captures life is... well - I just want to give her a curtsy and a hug, and to say YES!

Ashley also has a shop on her blog, and though I have not found herbal related items, her offerings spark the desire to go play in Creation and to learn. You should check it out, especially if you have little ones... or - even if you don't. The visit will be encouraging.

Oh - and more resources for herbal studies, kids and thyme:

Resources: link sharing, does not mean I personally agree with every aspect or teaching within the site, please use Scriptural discernment and choose what is best for your family.

  1. Introduction to Herbs for Kids by the Herbal Academy - the Herbal Academy is a place of bountiful information and resources. They do a wonderful job teaching and include some great printables too. I think is a great place to start, to build a unit study off of or to include in a Botany class. 
  2. The Christian Herbal - again they share some cute printables, as well solid herbal articles without having to weed through subjects may conflict with the Scriptures. 
  3. Vintage Remedies - Five Weeks of Herbs & Oils for Kids - Vintage Remedies is where I received the first part of my formal herbal education, and I can not say enough about them. I loved the approach, the science base and the interaction with the instructors. Still one of my top choices for solid herbal education. They recently added a slew of new classes!
  4. Babies & Children - Essential Oil Guidelines - Hopewell Essential Oils is just an over all wonderful site and resource for essential oil education and usage. I highly recommend their oils, and use them myself. Thyme Linalool page.
  5. WHO Monographs - linked to Thyme page, not geared for children... more for the high school student/parent/adult learner. 

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