November 14, 2017

Torah Family Living Planner :: A Sharing

It took, what seemed like, forever for my Torah Family Living Planner to arrive! Really, I was a bit impatient for the mail to come... but if you only knew how many planners I have used over the last ten years, and how much I like them - you might roll your eyes and tell me to go digital. That will never happen. ~ I learned long ago that I am a planner person, a hands on - paper planner person... and they have served me well.

I also sit with a pen and/or highlighter when reading a book, I picked up that habit from a dear Sister and I have never looked back. It really helps me to devour a book and find nuggets of truth or hidden fallacies

The Torah Family Living Planner: I purchased the dated version with an additional pocket & bookmark set, that clips into the planner. Although the birds and floral print are not an exact match to the planner, they do fit and look nice together. *The birds make me smile. So much so, I may ask Heidi to make the birds and floral the cover for next year's planner. :)

Inside: Not necessarily in the order of appearance, you will find - The Shema, prayers from the - Amidah, and the - Priestly Blessings. Along with a - this planner belongs to - section:

This living planner includes sections for writing out ideas and actions for better service to God, to your family and to yourself. I appreciate the space for the action lists, with plenty of room to write out the steps needed to accomplish your ideas.

Each month is labeled, and dated... with the Torah portions provided for each Shabbat. There are a couple of the things that I really like about this monthly layout. One of which is the extra room given for my family to choose what part of the New Testament to add into our Shabbat Study. Or maybe a specific character application or Scriptural principle... 

Of course I like that the Feasts and Holy Days are written in, and shaded in color. Being a visual person, this really helps my mind wrap around a month. Oh and the 'no work' days defined, will be a great help to the husband for requesting time off, as we honor these important set apart times.

Check out those colors, the move-able book marks and the fonts!

Towards the back of the planner, you will find more planning pages of various types. Large plain, grafted and list types just waiting for use. I have a few pages already designated for my personal reading lists, knitting and sewing projects and soon, my pantry stock up list. Still plenty of space for my gardening plans and paint samples for our home.

Colorful and highly functional...

For each Feast/Holy Day there is a two page layout, one side has ideas for celebrating and the other allows for your own family's plans, food, teachings and activities.

Just before the back cover I placed my pocket add on, this will be for receipts or other small items I need to record and remember. On the back cover you will find - the Lord's Prayer. I love reading that... I use to say that each time I made a loaf of bread. One word equals a knead, and by the time I was finished the bread dough was perfect.

Both front and back covers are laminated, as well as the book marks and pocket add on's. Which will help keep this lovely, hand made item safe and sturdy.

I have been diligently working on prepping my planner for the upcoming year, adding stickers and colorful dates to remember. Yes, I am really looking forward to having a plan and using it!

* The purchase of this planner and the sharing of it, is  my own personal choice. No money or items were given for a review. The photos and opinions here in are also my own. You can follow the link at the top of this post to purchase your own Torah Family Living Planner, and tell Heidi I said "Hello!"

November 8, 2017

Here :: wondering Where that is Exactly

We made it. Thirteen hundred miles, sixty mile an hour winds... and multiple time changes - we made it.

I am wondering where that is - exactly...

Things are happening.

In my life, and in me.  I wonder if this place isn't meant to heal much more than I thought was ever needed. Truly, it is a perfect place to rekindle my first "love"...