December 13, 2017

Make Your Own Menorah Candles

We use our Menorah for a few special occasions, events like honoring the New Moon and High Holy Days. Well, we try...  this year, it made it's way out of storage and back into our home, and I didn't want to spend the extra funds to purchase candles that fit. {We are getting ready to close on our 'new to us' home, so frugality is essential.} Deciding to make my own with what I had on hand. Which amounted to broken up bees wax, cotton thread and a glass jar made into a double boiler.

Believe it or not I could not find candle wicks in town, I did look for them and upon having none to be had I made a quick phone call. After talking with Mama, she told me exactly how she use to do it in the seventies. Back then she says... 


She use to take cotton thread and with a very small crochet hook, crochet a small chain. Long enough to use for the wick. Dip this first into your melted wax and let cool. Then proceed to make your candles. Sounded simple enough and I went straight to creating.

Since our Menorah is hand made, the holes are not exactly the same. Because of this I just took an average width and kept that in mind when I hand dipped my four inch candles. The wick is a simple cotton dish thread, separated into a two ply twist. You know the kind you make dish clothes out of.

I did not crochet the wick, but left the natural twist and made the over all length about ten inches. This allows for the dipping on each end, thus creating the ability to hang your candles to harden. Just like it is pictured in the above classy 'candle hanger'...

Once they were cool enough to handle, and hard enough to be just right, I trimmed the wicks and placed them into our Menorah. Last night was the first night of the Feast of Dedication, which meant we test drove those new candles... and they worked.

The wicks seem to burn fast, but the bees wax slows them down a little bit, and we never leave a candle or Menorah unattended...  over all I am pleased with my free, natural candles.