April 14, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ My April Mid

For Today

Looking out my window... I see the sun setting behind the uplift, on a wonderful Sabbath evening. The rays changing colors with each passing minute and I am reminded of why I love the west. In the yard - the trees are beginning to bud.

I am thinking... about the projects on my list, the painting of two rooms before mama comes to visit. About changing the Highwinds Homestead to it's own blog and about my family goals. I am also thinking about the grandchild due in November.
I am thankful... for Pesach and the Feast of Unleavened Bread that I spent with my husband and our Fellowship family. Such a special time...
One of my favorite things... is to watch the chickens peck.These girls will be in their new coop before the month is over, and I can hardly wait to have farm fresh eggs again.

I am creating... the second sleeve, to this - my knitted sweater. The color is Merlot and I hope to have it finished before our Marriage conference come November. It is from the Celtic Journey through Knit Picks, which contains a few creatives I would like to attempt.

I am wearing... my two sizes too big denim skirt and my "I love my Husband" t-shirt. Total relaxation clothing on my part.   
I am reading... well, trying to read would be more appropriate. But slow progress is still progress.

I am hoping... to have my own homestead someday, surrounded by trees and mountains. But until them, I will live and homestead right where I am... leaving my hope in God.
I am learning... the importance of renewal. The act of renewing; the act of forming anew; as the renewal of a treaty. Renovation; regeneration. Revival; restoration to a former or to a good state.
In my kitchen... the smell of barbacoa beef is filling the air. A Trim Healthy Mama version, and after tasting a little bite, I will need to cut back on the peppers. {Yikes} But Glory to God, I am twenty pounds to my goal weight... which I am so thankful for. Having lost almost forty pounds in little over a year... slow and steady. 

In my garden... the outline of garden beds, and the process of fence building has commenced. This past week I sowed thirty six tomato plants, which might be some what over kill if they all survive. But until then... I have a heart to sow much. In more ways than in the garden.
Post Scrip: I am new to Cultivate What Matters, but I am loving their instagram, their write the word journals and I am really holding out for the new Power Sheets
Shared Quote: “…the deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by his letting us have our way in the end, but by his making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able to honestly pray what he taught his disciples to pray: Thy will be done.” - Elisabeth Elliot
A moment from my day: admiring dandelions.

May your week be filled with joy, intentional living and purpose. May your nights be filled with laughing, wholeness and heart moments, and may you see the sunrise and enjoy strong coffee each morning.

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March 26, 2018

Creating the Hand Embroidered Botanical Baby Blanket

Today is the day, that I share with you how I put my hand embroidered - botanical baby blanket - together and I will do my best to share the details. First, we start with our twelve, completed - hand embroidered blocks. {The templates are found in my side bar.} Then we make sure to trim them to six by six inches. This pattern is very forgiving, in the sense that I was not a stickler on exact size and measurements, so please think of this post as an outline or guide and let your creativity flow...

Next: I went through my left over fabric pieces and found enough matching colors to cut into strips. These strips are approximately two and half inches wide and I left them as long as possible to accommodate the block size changing as I went along. This also allows for your seam allowance on each side.

Stitch the strips, to the embroidery block... similar to a log cabin quilt assemble, one at a time. Going around the block, to make the block look similar to the above photo. This article gives a good explanation of the process I am attempting to describe. You can also look up you tube videos or blog tutorials regarding this process as well.

Remember To: Iron each seam, and block after it is is completed... I highly recommend this. It makes for an easier assemble and 'look' once the blanket is put together. Since my goal was to remain as frugal as possible in this case, I used three separate colors that coordinated from my fabric stash. As well as, left over batting for the middle and created blanket binding from more left over fabric.

Once the blocks were competed, I then went to creating the rows... stitching each block together, forming rows of three. After the rows of three were compete, then I stitched the rows of three together to form the blanket. Meaning - this is three blocks wide and four blocks high... or down depending on how you see it.

After completion, comes more ironing and the adding of the batting and back. Also called the quilters sandwich. Following right behind them are the tie off and the binding... all of which I have included links to articles for, because honestly - others have created great tutorials on such matters and why not share good resources. 

Blanket Assemble:

You have just read the Hand Embroidered Botanical Baby Blanket sharing post, and I hope you found it useful and encouraging - possibly enough to spark your own adventure. If not, that is okay too... I am still thankful you stopped by.

P.S: Life is so interesting. Yesterday I received a phone call from my eldest son... the call shared with me the news of my first grandchild. ME. A Grandmother. Inspiring for sure!

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March 22, 2018

Mullein :: Embroidery Block & Notebook Page

Mullein - Verbascum thapsus - a noticeable botanical, often standing high above the rest with her head slightly bowed down. Her yellow blossoms are noted for being antiseptic, and are used in remedies such as Mullein Flower Ear Oil. Mullein leaf can be used as well... for concerns like swelling, bruises or insect bites.

This is another article about Mullein, and she shares cards you can print off cards for your use. Which I thought were nicely done. Mullein can also be made into a variety of effective remedies like salves, tea and tonics using the various parts she has to offer.

Mullein is also a fun botanical to forage for... although I would not choose to use those along the roadside for purity sake. It is best to use the purest form of a botanical you can. Find your Mullein embroidery template {HERE} and the simple, black and white notebook page {HERE}.

My next post will be the details on how to assemble the above quilt top, and even though this 'work of love' took me some time to complete  -  I have a couple accessory projects in wings for future sharing. But I won't even sneak the lid off to peak at them until I am completely finished with the booklet for this set. Until then...

March 18, 2018

Calendula & Chamomile :: Sister Blocks & Notebook Pages

Both Calendula & Chamomile botanicals are first rate in the home apothecary, and they are both wonderful to teach children about. I heart how JES shares Chamomile {HERE} - in Peter Rabbit's bed time blend post... a treasure for sure.

These creations, these embroidery blocks, are one of my attempts to create a special heirloom for my 'heritage' chest. A way to share my love for botanicals, gardening and homemaking with others... complete with my pencil marks and artistic blunders.

To me these 'blunders' are not really blunders, but learning experiences. Opportunities for improvement, for change - or if you will: for growth. In the end, this beautiful human-ness adds to the precious creative quite well.

With that in mind, I have decided to share with you the top - of my love heirloom... using my completed blocks... yes, with my blunders and learning opportunities included. Sharing a little early because I thing we all could use a reminder that the big picture is often more beautiful in full bloom.

You can find the Calendula Embroidery Template {HERE} and the Notebook Page {HERE}. Along with the Chamomile Embroidery Template {HERE}  and the Notebook Page {HERE}. Next I will share the last embroidery block - Mullein - and a post of how I put this all together.

More on Calendula & Chamomile:

March 13, 2018

Red Clover :: Embroidery Template and Notebook Page

This is another botanical that brings back fond memories, plucking those red clover flowers tops and tasting the sweet of the petal ends. Yes, another botanical that reminds me of 'mama'...

Red Clover is a powerful herb, so why would I include it in a list safe for children to learn about and handle. Well, this is more for the experience of tasting the sweet ends of a flower, helping our pollinator friends and creating awareness by familiarity. However, I believe that all herbal education and maturity level assessment is to be under the parents discretion.

I personally love Red Clover, it says 'happy summer' in plant blossoms. So I created a Printable Embroidery Template {HERE} and Notebook Page {HERE} for you to use, if you desire. I am currently working on editing each of my templates and cleaning them up a bit... so when those are complete I will be happy to share them as well.

March 8, 2018

Four Things I do with My Doodle Portion Coloring Pages

A quick share... because the there is an uprising in the chick brooder. Seriously. The sunshine has made them crazy. So here are four things I do with my Doodle Portions coloring pages from Torah Sisters Magazine: note - I don't print one each week, only when the coloring mood strikes me and I have the for floral edition.

1: Fold them in half & then half again, glue card stock on the inside fold to use them as colorful cards:

2. Attach to card stock and slide them into your binder backs:

3. Trim along the edges, and make an envelope - don't forget the flap:

4. Use the blank sides for writing letters on, thus making a unique stationary:

Now this last one isn't quite finished or else my post would have said "Five things I do with my Doodle Portions Coloring Pages"... use extra care in coloring, and color matching, then frame for a special place in your home.

There you have it, a few creative ways to get a little more out of your Doodle Portions coloring pages, and now I must head out to address the chicken issues.

March 5, 2018

Tell Me of Sage :: Embroidery Template and Notebook Page

Sage, one of my daughters favorites - especially in bread...  is a very aromatic herb with multiple benefits. If you are looking to fight cough and colds, Sage would be good choice. If you are looking for a home remedy, to help with some mouth concerns - again, Sage is a good choice. Yes, Sage is well known as a natural antiseptic, a help for mental clarity and the key ingredient to proper stuffing.

Sage is also fairly easy to grow, loving the herb garden outside or even a potted home in a sunny window. She prefers well drained soil, medium to full sun and is pretty hardy in nature. Once established, Sage does most of the work and looks wonderful all year long.

You can find your Sage embroidery template {HERE} and your simple, black and white notebook page {HERE}. I hope you lovely day, and if you have time check out this post by Chris... 5 Uses for Sage Herb and How to make an Oxymel. You will not be disappointed... and I so love Chris's blog!

March 1, 2018

Meet the Flock :: well almost

Five of our chicks have arrived, meaning I still would like to purchase a couple more for laying purposes. But I will go ahead an introduce you to the current girls. Meet our Silver Laced Wyandottes:

I am happy to report every one is over the 'pasty' issues and consuming organic feed and sprouts with vigor. Their tail and wing feathers are coming in too! We really enjoy having new chicks again... though the dog is not impressed with them... or he is over impressed, I have not decided yet.

February 26, 2018

Dilly Dill :: Embroidery Template & Notebook Page

Sharing my Dill template, notebook page and a little 'tell me of' with you today. Dill to me says Summer leans to Fall, it says Dill bread and of course the making of pickles. Dill prefers full sun, but she is not too picky on location, whether pot or plot... as long as there is room for her feet and support for her height.

Once Dill flowers, she will stop producing leaves and focus more on her blooms and seeds. When the seed head turns brown, and faded it is ready for harvest. However, up until the flower forms, it is recommended as the time to harvest fresh Dill leaves. Some resources state Dill may help with digestion, cholesterol and in the fight against free radicals.

She is simple, yet stately... stable. Oh and effective at being remembered. Another friend to pollinators and pretty easy to embroider too. Her seed heads here, are french knots, with the remaining being the stem stitch, and you can find your printable template {HERE} and the simple, black and white notebook page {HERE}. Enjoy!

February 22, 2018

Highwinds Homestead :: an Introduction to the Journey

Hi There! I wanted to take a moment to make an introduction. An introduction to the Highwinds Homestead, my sister goal for this blog and ultimately our functioning Etsy shop. The name was chosen for a couple of reasons... first: where I currently live. We reside at an elevation of 6,755 feet, and where the wind blows the majority of the year.

We have a growing zone of 4 -5b, an average rainfall of nine and a quarter inches, and apparently a Mountain Lion has already came to town this year...

these were grown at 3,743 feet

Second: I firmly believe that being a homesteader is so much more than location and land ownership. I believe it involves the heart, mind and soul. Creating an opportunity for one to reconnect to the Creator of this place... and all that is in it. I also believe children should play in the mud and the rain, know where their food comes from and the effort it takes to produce it.

Third: Isaiah said it this way "but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." When we first arrived here, the wind was something... it still is, but this verse came to mind... along with the name. It fit us... it fit me... and it has a special meaning that I am sure is still being revealed.

Yes, this is a journal of sorts, a sharing of this journey... of how I arrived home, to the Highwinds Homestead. I hope you will join me and maybe glean a little faith cultivation or a collection of hope. Either way, I pray this is a growing place and I am grateful you stopped by. Below are a few posts, that help provide some of the back story of our journey thus far...

February 19, 2018

Creating an Effective and Natural Wood Sealant

My recent cast iron creative inspired me to use some of my effective and natural wood sealant, which honestly is just another variation of my 'wood balm' recipe. But - it really is - effective and natural - so why not!

With this project I used 3 parts coconut oil and 1 part bee's wax, along with about 5 drops cedar-wood essential oil. Mainly for the aroma - I think, as I tend to have a preference for earthy, woodsy type essential oils in many of my home uses.

After I blended the coconut and melted bee's wax together in a glass jar, I added my essential oil drops. Blending again. Then taking a soft, but sturdy cloth - I rubbed generous amounts of my natural sealant into the stained wood.

This really made the wood 'pop' and heighten the look of the flat black pipe, and hanging cast iron. Plus it smelled just - lovely. I also like that we can make small batches at a time thus cutting down on waste too!

February 15, 2018

Pretty Plantain :: Embroidery & Notebook Page

We are getting closer to the finished project, and I am really excited to share what this creative endeavor will look like... however, we are not quite there yet. A few more herbals to go:

Plantain, is one my favorite botanicals. Maybe in part, it causes me to think of  Mama, and her speedy uses of it on almost any given day - during the summer. Or maybe it is because it is such a Created blessing to the herbal world, that it should not be over looked. Either way, this pretty plantain made into my creative flow.

You can the find the template {HERE} for the embroidery block, and a simple notebook page {HERE}... please - if anyone knows how to share these in a better format, I am all ears.

My primary stitches were the stem stitch and french knots, I also feel these stitches are easy enough for younger hands. But you can use any stitch you like, and there are plenty of resources online or from your local library.

I am also finding the more I stitch, the better my blocks are turning out. Well - you know what they say... practice makes perfect. As I close, I have a sharing on a little history - American Samplers and Hand Embroidery... these ladies had some stitching skills. :)

Plantain Resources:

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