January 29, 2018

The Hardwood Floor Saga :: Part One

Originally, when I decided to share about our experience restoring this hardwood floor, everything was bright and beautiful. Then, it was only a little hard work, some money and some time. Now, I am not sure what the outcome will be...

The Floor: when we purchased this one hundred year old home, the hardwood floor was the first thing that made my heart leap. Even though some one decided to paint it grey, I could see the potential it had, refinished and thus completing the perfect room for our home library.

For the sake of our budget, which was almost nothing, we opted not to rent a drum sander and located a semi natural product called CitriStrip to help with the paint removal. We soon discovered that paint was not the only layer on this floor... we found layers of old varnish and wood filler - putty stuff.

Personally, I would not have minded a floor with some character. Especially a hardwood floor. So those little nicks and gouges here and there would not have bothered me. I mean, it is an old floor... who knows the history it has seen? Right? Yes, I would have been willing to over look this odd circle in the floor as well.

We worked for hours, oh who am I kidding... we worked for days. Scraping and sanding, using a belt sander, an orbital sander, multiple hand sanders... a variety of wire brushes, putty scrappers and rags. Friends, I mean no exaggeration when I say that I have my blood, sweat and tears into this floor.

The Contractor: finished his work under the house, in the middle of this restoration project. To which, I thought would address the slant in the floor so I never gave it another thought. Until our long 'talk' one afternoon. It was during this conversation, that he informed me, in order to fix the remaining foundation issue... {another story} and the slant in the floor, the floor would have to be taken up.

The bullet went deep. I mean, I bled for that floor and I didn't know if I should laugh, cry or run down the road screaming. Neither of those events happened, of course. Instead I just stood there, asking questions and listening, really trying to comprehend the issue at hand.

Readers, my step father worked construction. My uncles, my brothers and even my boy's father. I understand a little. I get that this issue is more than a simple sub-floor issue, or even bigger than a few floor jacks. I get it. I also get, when to say something is beyond my ability...

However, we are going to seek a few opinions, then weigh our options for the next step and proceed with caution. If in the end, I still need to see my beloved, blood worthy floor go... I will save every piece of that floor and turn it into something else. To be taken with me, for the remainder of my days... no matter where I go.

January 24, 2018

Create an Embroidery Box :: and Rosemary's Template

Sometimes when we are first learning new skills, or deciding if a new skill suits our personality, it is not always prudent to purchase every gizmo and gadget on the market. Often times our budgets simply can not afford to do such. But we can put together a 'kit' from items we already have at home. Adding only the needed items. With this in mind, I am sharing with you my 'functional but not so fancy' embroidery box.

My Embroidery Box, for this project, is a shoe box sized plastic storage container, a needle case, small embroidery scissors and only the embroidery floss needed for this particular creation. The card board pieces you see, are small rectangles with two slits cut in. One on one end, and another on the opposite end, I use these for winding my floss.

The embroidery hoop is also small enough to fit into the storage container. Keeping all of my needed items into one place, and it is highly transportable. This could work well for younger creatives too... oh - they could make a special label for their embroidery box too!

This Rosemary block is one of twelve, all of which I intend to share here on the blog... each herbal template is hand sketched by me, with inspiration coming from my gardens, or from the many books I have on hand.

The four pictured here are found in my sidebar, with the remaining to be shared completely sketched but waiting for me to get them 'shareable'. My hope was to create something herbal, easy to use and various age friendly. You can find your Rosemary Template {HERE}. Enjoy!

January 22, 2018

Chocolate Coffee Spoons & February Fun List Printable

This home ownership thing has my nesting desires in over drive, a home of our very own... complete with all the little 'issues' that arise as the days move along. But I will rejoice and be glad in it!

One of the ways I decided to bless our home was to host an online Pampered Chef Party... in which we splurged for a couple of home items like: the a personal pan pizza stone, the fluted cake pan and the silicone spoon mold. It was a treat and a blessing to be able to do this.

I knew my box would arrive on a Friday, so I purchased an eighty five percent dark chocolate bar ahead of time. That way when my box did arrive, I could quickly give my spoon mold a test drive for a Sabbath treat. They are so cute, and give plenty of chocolate for coffee use. I used one spoon for my cup and hubbies too.

However, making these happy spoons, sparked a whole list of planning ideas. Because shortly there after, the spark of planning a February Fun List was born. I think it was the idea of having a hot chocolate party with these little guys. Thus, I urge caution - you never know what delight you will think of with a smiling chocolate spoon present.

'Fun' doesn't have to mean money, or excess... it could mean a lot of things. Like acts of kindness, snuggling with family - sipping hot cocoa or even hand written notes of thankfulness. I guess I think of fun as a mind set, or attitude...

Anyway as I was planning our 'fun' list for the next month, I thought of you all... and decided to make a printable for you too. You can find your February Fun List {Here} - enjoy!

January 16, 2018

Cloth Cone Filter Template Printable

Sometime ago I shared with you a post regarding homemade coffee filters and a vanilla syrup recipe... well today - I bring you the printable for the cone filter. One that you can print off, cut out and use to make your own cone {size 4} reusable filters.

The printable doesn't include the folded block used for making the loop. After reading the two posts, I am sure you can make your own to a preferred length of choice.

When the pattern is placed on a fold, as indicated, this is what it will look before stitching - in it's open and flat position. This is when I stitch around the top edge, to allow the fraying to occur only so far.

The loop - you can see I didn't choose complicated, right down to the lack of end hems. Mainly because the ends are not see, but stitched into the filter.

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your Cone Filter Template Printable. Have a great day!

January 14, 2018

Abide :: My Word of the Year 2018

Traditionally, we have chosen a family word each New Year, one that often reflects the season we are in, or more specifically the learning place our Heavenly Father has us. So this year as I waited, prayed... and thought about our word - the realization that something is different about this year was very present. This year, Abba gave me a Word of my own.

The word is ABIDE: and is defined by the 1828 dictionary as: a verb -to be, or exist, to continue; to dwell, rest, stand firm, or be stationary for any length of time. To tarry or stay for a short time. To continue permanently or in the same state; to be firm and immovable. To remain, to wait for; to be prepared for, to endure or sustain.To bear or endure; to bear patiently. In general, abide by - signifies to adhere to, maintain, defend, or stand to, as to abide by a promise, or by a friend; or to suffer the consequences, as to abide by the event, that is, to be fixed or permanent in a particular condition.

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. 
~ John 15: 4 - 5 ~

 I have read this verse many times since it was given, and I am confident that my Redeemer will have many more gifts for me to open as I continue to ponder, study and breathe in the meaning of this treasure. Yes, there is work to be done here, as fruit does not bear without it... the journey of a year beautiful begins. 

January 10, 2018

Currently :: and Forward in 2018

There are no apologies offered for my lack of postings, as it has been for a multitude of reasons that I am scarce to be found online. Of course if you read here, you know that we moved... back to the place where "one can see their soul"... and we bought a home. I really can't believe it. I mean I can, but yet it is still sort of dream like in reality.

Sure - it isn't my little cabin on three acres, in the woods... not yet anyway. But it is our home, and I am grateful for this place. A place to rest, to live, and to garden... oh my gosh - my garden want to do's are so big. Possibly bigger than my space, but I don't care... I will choose to garden freely.

Chickens. Yes, I plan on chickens. I also plan to live here, while I am here, knowing this is not my forever home. But a step in the journey... either way I look forward to the span before me, this twenty eighteen. Joyful.

  • We are refinishing a hardwood floor, a learning experience for sure and one that supplies my cardio needs. The room is roughly 10 by 14 and will become our library and study. I am planning to share the process here, along with our decor choices for the room as they are finished.
  • Each member of our family has happenings, our daughter is continuing her college education, my husband is diligently working and prayerfully considering going back to school. Me... I have hopes for this blog, this home and as a member of the board - the food co-op that will be opening here. Oh yes... continuing my herbal education as time allows.
  • We know that establishing a home takes time and effort, so this is also something we are all doing daily. With this comes the planning of many projects, taking action steps for self care and spiritual growth, and learning from the path we have already walked. Becoming established again. 

I will be sharing some thoughts about 'looking forward' over the next couple weeks, along with some creatives I have been neglecting to share, and while I have your attention... did you pick a word for twenty eighteen? I did... in the past we have chosen a family word, but this year - Abba gave me my own.  He has somethings He is working with me on, and I think it is related. More on that to come as well...

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself,
 unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.
~ John 15:4 ~