January 10, 2018

Currently :: and Forward in 2018

There are no apologies offered for my lack of postings, as it has been for a multitude of reasons that I am scarce to be found online. Of course if you read here, you know that we moved... back to the place where "one can see their soul"... and we bought a home. I really can't believe it. I mean I can, but yet it is still sort of dream like in reality.

Sure - it isn't my little cabin on three acres, in the woods... not yet anyway. But it is our home, and I am grateful for this place. A place to rest, to live, and to garden... oh my gosh - my garden want to do's are so big. Possibly bigger than my space, but I don't care... I will choose to garden freely.

Chickens. Yes, I plan on chickens. I also plan to live here, while I am here, knowing this is not my forever home. But a step in the journey... either way I look forward to the span before me, this twenty eighteen. Joyful.

  • We are refinishing a hardwood floor, a learning experience for sure and one that supplies my cardio needs. The room is roughly 10 by 14 and will become our library and study. I am planning to share the process here, along with our decor choices for the room as they are finished.
  • Each member of our family has happenings, our daughter is continuing her college education, my husband is diligently working and prayerfully considering going back to school. Me... I have hopes for this blog, this home and as a member of the board - the food co-op that will be opening here. Oh yes... continuing my herbal education as time allows.
  • We know that establishing a home takes time and effort, so this is also something we are all doing daily. With this comes the planning of many projects, taking action steps for self care and spiritual growth, and learning from the path we have already walked. Becoming established again. 

I will be sharing some thoughts about 'looking forward' over the next couple weeks, along with some creatives I have been neglecting to share, and while I have your attention... did you pick a word for twenty eighteen? I did... in the past we have chosen a family word, but this year - Abba gave me my own.  He has somethings He is working with me on, and I think it is related. More on that to come as well...

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself,
 unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.
~ John 15:4 ~

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