August 31, 2018

Expired Herbs for Flower ' Fetti ~ An Eco Exit Toss

Hi. How have you been? Me - um... apparently absent. But I am here now. Here to share with you a wonderful way to use up those expired herbs that you have tucked in the back of your cupboard.

Flower ~ fetti

A dear friend of mine's daughter is getting married, and I was invited to be one of the photographers, and bake the wedding cake. During one of the many conversations I suggested creating a special blend of flower-fetti for the exit toss. An eco version of a traditional practice with an interesting history... of with fall-ish colors perfect for a Sukkot wedding.

Sukkot weddings are at the top of my list as extra special, one reason being the beautiful symbolism that is wrapped into this eight day celebration. Of course all weddings are extra special, and beautiful because... let us realize that weddings are Holy business.

My Fall Flower-fetti Recipe: {use dried, spent or old herbs to create your special blend}
  • Hibiscus - this was put through a small blender to create smaller pieces
  • Chamomile - offers a strong floral scent to the exit toss
  • Calendula Petals - the main giver of color in my blend
  • Lemon Balm - used for hints of green and supports a well rounded scent
  • Rose Petals - used for color and scent support
  • Lavender Petals - I would have used the buds, however what I had on hand were leaves

I made sure each of my herb choices were dry, and chopped into small safe tossing pieces. Then I added all of them into a large bowl and mixed well. Once the fetti was well blended, I bagged the mixture in some pretty wedding favor bags and tied up them up with a ribbon. These are now waiting for the special day... and to make sure the fetti remains dry, I poked a few holes along the sides of the bag with a pin. Creating small air holes for breathing ability.

Simply Beautiful.