December 19, 2018

Start : My Word for 2019

Today - I have been working on my Power Sheets prep work, and was semi undone to discover that I : a voice that often says to another that Redemption is messy, struggles with chasing perfect... often striving for perfection within myself and my circumstances. Accepting the messy in others, long before accepting the messy in me.  I love how Abba is revealing things to my heart - one layer at a time, here a little - there a little.

Although I am still discovering what 'chasing perfect' fully means, in this season of cultivation : I have chosen my word for the year. A simple word with loads of personal meaning and lengthy definition. My word for 2019 is : Start.

START: lightly defined, by a 1828 dictionary...
  • To set out; to commence a race, as from a barrier or goal.
  • To rouse suddenly from concealment; to cause to flee or fly.
  • To bring into motion; to produce suddenly to view or notice.
  • To invent or discover; to bring within pursuit.
  • To empty, as liquor from a cask; to pour out; as, to start wine into another cask.
  • A quick spring; a darting; a shoot; a push; as, to give a start
  • First in motion from a place; act of setting out.

To Start, in 2019 a beginning place, all of the above, in full context of Abba's will for my life. Through and within context of the Scriptures, through and within the contextual cultivation of my goals for the year. I say yes to START, I say yes to commencing this race. To rouse from concealment, to bring these things into motion, to discover and to empty... to pour out, and to receive what is poured out upon me from Above. To be in motion from any stagnant place with me and my life.

Yes, I am ready to start this year's journey.