April 29, 2019

For Today... the Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...

Looking out my window: it is slightly past eight, and the sun is falling behind the uplift. The winter storm warning well in effect. Wooden debris blows past the front door and what seems like a million town cats play in the neighbors yard.

I am thinking: about the early alarm clock coming, and the garden dreams of the season. Hoping and planning for our homestead dreams.

I am thankful: that my income will help mama, not only come for a visit but to help pay for some of the things she needs. Last November we bought her a small chest freezer and helped her put some food into it.

One of my favorite things: oh - let me share it in pixels...

I am creating: currently I am still knitting my cable sweater, with a renewed goal of completing it by my birthday. Merlot in color and my very first Celtic cables.

I am wearing: my flannel sleeping skirt, cotton top and a very warm sweater. Comfy clothes for sure... thinking of locating my wool socks.

I am reading: about ready to start Letter to a Young Farmer by Gene Logsdon. I have a goal of reading at least one book a month. So far I am right on track.

I am hoping: to be done with my degree and on our own land by the time I am forty eight. I am also hoping to have a wonderful trip to Washington in a few weeks.

I am learning: to use my Power Sheets more effectively, and to be wise with my down time. Intentional if you will... and even though I am in good health, I am learning that I am not twenty four anymore.

In my kitchen: we started another batch of Bucket Bread, to help our family be more budget friendly and stay on plan with our Trim Healthy Mama goals.

In my garden: we spent this past Sunday prepping the garden beds. Planting spinach, kale, onions and beets... if the snow holds from falling then I plan to plant lettuce this week too.

Post Script: still one of my favorite blogs : Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth.

Shared Quote
"Progress not Perfection"
Laura Casey

A moment from my day: chives, chives and lots of chives!

I haven't been blogging much because of time and life... however blogging is a form of journaling and it helps me to number by days. I miss it. Another hope I carry is to continue my blogging efforts.