Welcome ~ Here is where I am suppose to share a little about myself and my blog, yikes! How on earth can you share the whole {encompassing} beauty of life, even for one person, on a single {about} page? I truly, don't believe one can even come close...

As a child, my favorite things to do were to run bare foot through the pastures of my great uncles farm, and slosh in the creeks and fields with my brothers. Being the oldest of three, the only girl nurtured by a woman who was {eco} before {eco} was in. We played in mud puddles, washed our hair in the rain gutters, and watched the entire process of animal butchering before we were even able to reach the steering wheel.

In my late teen years, I began a fifteen year long career in the health care sector, specifically in Long Term Care. Where my focus was {serving} the elderly population with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's. I served as a Nursing Assistant, Recreational Assistant, then as a Recreation Director and Volunteer Coordinator. I enjoyed working with people, and their individuality. It was there that {life} became so very precious to me.

It was also during that season when I met {Yeshua} Jesus, the Creator of my life's tapestry. I can truly say that my life and my {self} have never been the same, they are constantly being refined. Yes ~ I am a daughter, a wife, a mother of three - one of whom I home educated from the fifth grade to graduation, I am a sister and a friend, but most importantly I am {Redeemed}.


And just like me, my blog is often being adjusted and refined.

So... welcome to my online home, where I share my endearments of: agrarian living, my faith, and the collecting of hope. Where I take snap shots of the small things and write about natural living, gardening and keeping a home, along with pursuing my holistic education.

Simply Cultivating {my} Life

I also confess that I have an admiration for chickens and coffee, and it is likely you will find sharings about them here as well.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

~ Blessings!